Why Your Business Needs A Logo

The importance of having a logo for any business cannot be overemphasized. That is why every business needs to ensure that they invest in their logo design. Having a logo will help your business in various ways because of the benefits it carries. That is why you have to invest on a great business logo design.

The following are the reasons why your business must have a logo design that is excellent.

The Logo Will Represent Your Business

The moment your products carry your logo, the logo will be the representation of what the business is all about. The Logo brings the relationship between the company and the product by showing that you are the owner of the product.

The Logo Will Help In Building Your Brand

When you have a business logo, it will help in building your business brand. Remember, the business brand is the entirety of the business, its communications, its interactions, and more. When you have a perfect business logo design, then it will help in further enhancing the brand by showing forth a strong representation of the business. When it is used in other places like in sponsorships of events or programs, it will help in brand awareness.

The Logo Will Help In Product Identification

Remember, you are in an industry where you are not the only manufacturer of that product. Therefore, with your logo, you will make it easy for your customers to identify the products that come from your company. Logos set apart products in the market. Therefore, ensure that it stands out from competitors.

Logos Will Earn You The Trust Of The People

When your products have your logo, it shows your professionalism, and this will, in turn, build confidence and trust among the people. They will know that you are an established business and this will go a long way for your business in building your clientele.

Logos Will Attract The Target Audience

With your business’s logo being a representation of your business, the products, and services, it will play an important role in attracting the target audience. For example, a company that is in the business of providing eco-friendly products will tend to use a logo design that captures this. Therefore, anyone that sees the logo, even if they are not very familiar with the company, they will give the product a try.

Having a business logo will take your business to greater heights. Therefore, always ensure that you invest in a great logo design for it to be effective.

Most Efficient Airbnb Clone Scripts In The Market

Many enterprising individuals are using the pre-designed Airbnb clone scripts to incorporate the unique business model of finding accommodation across the world for a vacation. Here is a list of top five best selling Airbnb clone scripts of 2017 to help you with the same:

1 NineHertz

You can get your Airbnb clone for mobiles, desktops, and tablets just within a day by collaborating with NineHertz. You will have your hands on some of the best features like complete customization, multilingual compatibility, total admin control and mobile responsive design by choosing NineHertz. Property management, events listings, and advanced search options are some of the other noteworthy features.

2 RentALL

RentALL is reviewed as the best Airbnb clone script for mobile phones. The parameters tested were performance, SEO optimization, use friendliness, technologies included and the code quality. It has come out to be the most advanced Airbnb clone script available now. Some of the high-end technologies used here are Nodejs, GraphQL, and Reactjs. You can visit their official website for the demo of the script.

3 Apptha Airhotels

Apptha air hotels is another bestselling clone of Airbnb. This vacation rental script consists of homepage video sliders, hourly booking, social login and PayPal adaptive. Along with these, there are many other useful inclusions cloned from the script of the original site. Its amalgamation with the google maps along with an internal chat system has resulted in a user-friendly interface. You can choose the script from Magento 1.0 or Magento 2.0 versions.

4 Market

Laravel PHP framework with MySQL for the database is used as the building block for Makent. The features of Laravel is well exploited to include create a listing and search listing with filters options. It is another efficient clone script of Airbnb in terms of design, code quality and maintenance and SEO optimization. Many vacation rental websites are already using this script.

5 Apphitect’s

Here is an offer to grab before it is too late: four free add-on’s and hosting for a year. This is the best deal for an Airbnb clone in the market. Another impressive feature is that the code is 100% customizable depending upon your ideas for the website. Some of the default features are technical support, multiple themes, cloud hosting, single step checkout and payment gateway.

Each of these Airbnb clone scripts has their own merits and demerits. I have tried to sum up their unique features in the above article. You can visit their respective websites to view a demo. It can prove more helpful in choosing the best clone script.

How To Design A Logo With Golden Ratio

In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.he Golden Ratio is something every designer should know about.Set Your Dimensions With The Golden Ratio. Consider the Golden Ratio a useful guideline for determining dimensions of layout. One very simple way to apply the Golden Ratio is to set your dimensions to 1:1.618.The Golden Ratio has been heralded as the most beautiful ratio in art and architecture for centuries.